Who We Serve

Owner Managed Business

Like your business, our business is managed by the owners.  We know what it’s like to put in the long hours, come up with creative solutions, and feel that drive to succeed.  Whether you’ve purchased your business or built it from the ground up, we understand the hard work and dedication required to make it a success.  With over 25 years of professional experience working with entrepreneurs, let our diverse team put their skills to work for you to help you take your business to the next level of success.


As a professional, you have navigated the long difficult road to becoming a member of your profession.  Now let us put our professional skills to work to help you build and grow your practice.  We will guide and advise you through the complicated tax laws to ensure you retain as much wealth as you can.  Whether you’re just starting your professional corporation or you’re a partner or member of an existing group, we will help you plan for your financial goals.  We have extensive experience working with:


When preparing your personal tax returns, our skilled team members will put their up-to-date tax knowledge to work to maximize your refunds and minimize your liabilities.  But beyond personal tax compliance, we are also here to assist you with major financial and business considerations.  We can help you navigate the complex tax rules related to rental properties, private investments, deciding whether to buy or start a business, planning for your retirement, estate planning, and more. We are also here to help you gain an understanding of what your current financial situation is, and how to go forward to achieve your goals.